Mommy & Little Guppie ONE

6 months – 18 months with Parent (8 Children Max)

This class introduces infants to the water for the first time. The mommy and me class will help educate the parents how to swim safely with their child. While Introducing water play and submersion.

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Mommy & Little Guppie TWO

18 months – 36 months with Parent (8 Children Max)

Coming from Mommy and Little Guppie ONE our babies are now aware of splashing and playing in and around the water. This class involves lots of songs and games. This class focuses on back floating and introduces swimming to and from the wall.

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Turtle Level ONE

18 months – 3 years old (4 Children Max)

In this class, it is always lots of fun to see just how far our little swimmers can go. We sing and play games to get our swimmers comfortable and trusting that the water can be fun and safe. The instructor will introduce blowing bubbles, putting the child’s face in the water, independent water movement, intro to streamline, jumping in, and resurfacing to the wall.

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Turtle Level TWO

18 months – 4 years old (4 Children Max)

This class focuses on the importance of turning over and floating onto their back. Reviewing Turtle ONE by swimming to and from the wall with our stream line arms. Our little swimmers will be grasping the importance of our “Reach, kick, kick, SWIM” method. While focusing mainly on mastering our back float. We will be practicing jumping in and turning over to float.

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Seahorse ONE

3 years old and Up (5 children Max)

This focuses ideally on the development of the proper kick. We practice with and without kickboards to build our swimmers level of endurance for the water. We will teach the understanding of (front streamline) as well as (back streamline). Once your child moves up to the next level they will have learned and can demonstrate proper kicking.

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Sea Horse TWO

Intro to Swimming Skills (5 children Max)

Swimmers in this level will focus on arm, leg, and body coordination. As well as learning how to sustain strokes and breathing while in the water. These techniques will be applied for the following strokes: dolphin stroke, Freestyle, and Breaststroke. In order to move up, each swimmer will have to master arm, leg, and breathing coordination.

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Dolphin ONE

Intro to freestyle stroke (5 children Max)

In this class, swimmers will learn freestyle stroke. Instructors will critic and make sure our swimmers understand the proper arm coordination while mastering breathing. This will provide our swimmers with the concept of our (zip up, reach) technique. After taking dolphin ONE our swimmers will have mastered their freestyle stroke.

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Dolphin TWO

Intro to backstroke (5 children Max)

In this level, our swimmers will be introduced to the backstroke. This class will train swimmers how to coordinate their back-stroke arms correctly, master shoulder roll, and combine the two skills. This will train them how to properly do the backstroke. This class is sometimes difficult for our little swimmers due to the amount of full bodywork that is applied to this stroke. Once these techniques are learned the swimmer will have mastered the backstroke.

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Sting Ray ONE

Intro to Breaststroke (5 children Max)

This class will give the guidance to teach proper breaststroke. Starting with proper breaststroke arms. Giving the children a full understanding of how to put breaststroke arms and legs together. Once the child combines those two concepts/skills they will have mastered the breaststroke.

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Sting Ray TWO

Intro to Butterfly (5 children Max)

In this class, our swimmers will learn the intro to butterfly arms, butterfly legs, and breathing. Once these skills are applied and the child fully comprehends the coordination of using these skills. The butterfly stroke will be fully mastered. Swimmers will be tested and evaluated to make sure they have succeeded in learning the proper arm, leg, and breathing techniques for this stroke. With (Sting ray TWO) being the last level in our program. And the child fully mastered Butterfly each child will be evaluated again to make sure they have mastered all four strokes freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. Along with water safety and survival skills.

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Aqua ONE

Basic Swim Skills

This class is for adults who are wanting the understanding of basic water skills and finding the comfort to fully be submerged in the water. We will build the core foundation of water safety. And introduce front, and back streamline. This class will educate adults on water safety and begin steps to learn to swim independently. Each adult swim lesson varies on the individual but will be a 4-week session. (no make-ups)

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Aqua TWO

Advanced/Swim Strokes

This class is designed for adults who will be taught the core foundations of swim strokes. Intro to freestyle stroke, breast stroke, backstroke, and butterfly stroke After they complete this 4-week session they will have better understanding and knowledge of all four swim strokes. Every adult swim session with be a 4-week session. (no make-ups)

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