Swimming lessons Our mission at SFSL is to give each and every child the fundamentals they need to be water safe in and around any form or body of water. Our core values consist of always delivering the best swim instruction experience to both our swim students and their families. Our team has a deep passion for working with young children and loving being in the water. As we combined those two we founded SFSL. My philosophy is simple; if you want something bad enough, push hard enough and you will achieve anything! With that said I instill that in all my instructors and my swim students. I know every child can swim if they are equipped with the proper instruction and support system to follow through. Here at SFSL, we pride ourselves on always delivering the best quality swim lessons. We only hire swim instructors who are certified and have had previous experience working with young children. We pride ourselves on always making sure our swimmers are not only learning how to swim but having fun while learning the fundamentals of water safety and proper swim instruction. If a child is upset or fears the water no worries; there are many different strategies and techniques our team has learned throughout the years of working in the field of early childhood education to maintain a happy and friendly swim environment. I have always had all my swimmers walk out with some form of swim improvement and a smile!